Family Tree

Wayne comes from a large family, but here's our immediate family!

We are a member of Newcap Broadcasting's Alberta Radio Group, Eastern Region
and here is a list of our sister's from our area for you to check out:
Newcap Television is based out of Lloydminster
and are your local CTV and CBC affiliate stations. Broadcasting all your
favorite Prime Time shows, sporting events (including Hockey Night in Canada) and
frequent local news updates - and of course, Wayne's Entertainment Edge during
the regions only LOCAL television news every week!
Looking for some classic Rock? KRock is our
roomie here in the Wainwright office, swing by their site or facebook and
have a look around!
Every family has that one cousin thats just a bit off side - so do we!
Want something on the HEAVY side?
Our sibling in Cold Lake can hook you up with all your classic rock favorites!
Our Bonnyville sister station has all the latest music and
is home of the Bonnyville Pontiacs live radio broadcasts!
Based out of St. Paul, The Spur is home to all the latest
country songs... check out their site for all the details.
He plays everything country.
Your favorites of yesterday and today can be found on Lloyd FM!
Hot AC at it's finest in Lac La Biche.
Dont worry this dog dont bite, but its got a great breakfast, and remember, if its happening in the Lac La Biche County, this is the place to find it.

And if all of our local family isn't good 'nuff for ya, we've got a LARGE family tree...
check out our entire clan at

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