Coats for Families

Got any gently used or maybe even new winter clothing to spare? Why not donate it to Coats For Families?

Coats, ski-pants, mitts toques, scarves boots, socks or any type of winter wear is welcome!

For Wainwright, drop off your donations to the Wayne FM/Boom studio, or just go to the Pentecostal Church located 1105 5th Ave.

For Lloydminster, drop off donations to the Newcap building (corner of 50th - 51st ave) or the Interval Home (5109-51 Street)

If you are in need of winter wear this season, distribution will start at the Pentecostal Church October 20th and 21st from 10am to 4:30 each day.

Thank you so much for the donations!!   

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