Q: I'd like to inquire about advertising on your station... who do I contact?
A: Send your inquiry to our station manager (Hugh MacDonald - smontgomery@newcap.ca) and they'll respond to your inquiry as soon as they can.

Q: I'd like to send in my press release... where do I send it?
A: You can email your press releases to Kathy at KRomanowicz@newcap.ca and she'll spread the word on Wayne and Key 83.

Q: Who do I contact to complain about content in a song or about a topic that was discussed on the air by one of your DJs?
A: We take all concerns seriously. Kurt Price is the regional program director and it's his job to look into these things. Kurt can be emailed at kprice@newcap.ca.

Q: Can you sponsor my event?
A: All sponsorships are reviewed on a case by case basis. Feel free to e-mail us a formal sponsorship package to our promotions department. Be sure to include the specific event information and charity cause, as well as any specific deadlines you have. For local events, please contact Kathy (KRomanowicz@newcap.ca) or Stephanie Montgomery, station manager (smontgomery@newcap.ca).

Q: Can you donate prizing for my event?
A: All prizing requests are also reviewed on a case by case basis. Feel free to e-mail us a formal prizing request! Please use the same contacts as above.

Q: How can I get the WAYNE CREW to appear at my event?
A: Drop them an e-mail!! They'll get back to you ASAP! waynefm@newcap.ca

Q: I'm a student and I'm doing a project on the radio industry. Can I e-mail you a bunch of questions so you can answer them for me?
A: Well... we're not going to do your project for you... but we'll try our best to help you out. Interviews are the best for us. E-mail Jordi with your formal interview request. He's the webmaster and screens out the spam... he'll forward it onto who ever has a few minutes and they'll get back to you kphillips@newcap.ca

Q: Who owns WAYNE FM?
A: We're are owned and operated by NewCap Broadcasting. Check out their site at www.ncc.ca for more information!


Q: Can you display the names of the songs you play on your website?
A: Soon.... very soon. We even have the hole on the home page for it, just getting the geeks to work the bugs out.

Q: I saw the WAYNE CREW out at an event and they were taking pictures. When will they be up on the site?
A: We take hundreds of pics every month... so you can imagine what kind of stockpile of pics we have. We'll generally get them up within a few weeks of the event. If we put them up and your pic didn't make the cut, please don't take it personally!

Q: Can you send me an individual pic?
A: Sorry. It's very hard to respond to individual picture requests due to the number of pictures that are taken every month. As well, sometimes pics don't turn out (I think someone forgets to use the flash).

Q: Can I get a website link on your site?
A: Each link is evaluated on a case by case basis. Our webmaster is Kyle, so send him an email... kphillips@newcap.ca and he will let you know what the Marketing and PR departments had to say about it.

Q: I saw an error on your page, who should I tell?
A: Our webmaster is Kyle, so please send him an email with the details... kphillips@newcap.ca Hhe appreciates it greatly when people catch things he misses.


Q: How can I apply for a JOB at WAYNE FM?
A: The best thing is to send your audition package to the station directly. But if you like, you can also e-mail your resume to the BIG BOSS - Hugh MacDonald (smontgomery@newcap.ca). Be sure to indicate the position you are applying for.

Q: But do you have any job openings?
A: Not currently... but maybe we'll FIRE someone if we think you're good enough :-)

A: Yes we do - but space is limited. It's best to inquire well in advance before you require placement. E-mail your details to Kurt Price. He's our regional PD and he's the man that makes those decisions. Kurt can be emailed at kprice@newcap.ca


Q: I like your WAYNE clothing! Where can I buy some?
A: Unfortunately we don't sell our gear... but we do give them away! Visit us at one of our events for your chance to win HOT SWAG!

Q: How about the WAYNE FM jackets?
A: Sorry... those are for staff only! You gotta do the time to get the gear!

Q: Can you mail me some free WAYNE swag?
A: Sorry... but no. However, feel free to come out to one of our event remotes, or try to catch us out on the street! When we're out, we're always giving out prizes! Good luck!

Q: I won a prize several months ago... is it still there for me to pick up?
A: Prizing is available for pick-up 30 days from the date you win. Prizing is not guaranteed after 30 days.


Q: Can you play (insert song title here)?
A: Sure... as long as it's not a crappy song... Kyle Phillips is the man who makes the requests happen. Be nice to AKyle and you might just get your song on... oh ya, we take bribes - baking is our favorite!

Q: Can you play it next?
A: Uh... we'll try... but we can't guarantee it because we literally receive hundreds of request daily! NO JOKE!

Q: Oh... there's this song... and it goes like "do do da da yo yo" - do you know what song that is?
A: Uh... not at this very moment - but try e-mailing your song description (be as specific as possible when referring to words in the song). You can email Kyle (kphillips@newcap.ca) and hopefully he'll be able to help you out!

Q: Can you make me a mixed CD?
A: Nope. Sorry!

Q: Why not?
A: Because it's illegal...

Q: Can you send me the MP3 of a song then?
A: Nope. That's illegal too!



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