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Hey, I’m Kyle, nice to meet you!

I am big into TV Shows, my personal favorite will always be Pretty Little Liars (Don’t judge) Supernatural and How To Get Away With Murder! Majority of my days are spent sitting at home in my boxers and eating big bags of Doritos. Oh, also I have a cat named Bella. She’s very sassy.   

 That’s all I can think of, be sure to tune in Monday – Friday from 6a - 12p to catch what we’re talking about. If you have any questions, you can email me at:


Twitter: @KyleIsOnAir


Tim Gavin

Born and raised in Edmonton, took the radio program at NAIT, and spent a couple years in Northern Alberta before coming down to Wainwright. I am a lover of all kinds of music, make more puns in one day than most people do all year, and I could probably kick your butt at Mario Kart...ok maybe you could beat me at that, the point is I play a lot of video games.

I also do other fun things too. I love karaoke, finding random stuff to watch on Netflix, and listening to my large collection of music. I'm also starting to get into cooking, so expect a lot of food posts if you follow me on Instagram.



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