Fizzy is the consummate professional, or so he claims. In reality, he has the build and humor of a 6th immature 6th grader. Early on Fizzy deiced to spend a large portion of his life pursuing, and eventually achieving, his lifelong dream of becoming an elementary teacher. Unfortunately, he soon learned that he was not smarter than a fifth grader, and quickly tired of having to explain how “the big kids took his lunch money”.

After some debate, a couple minutes at most, he decided the best course of action was to run away and spent a year travelling the world and playing poker, achieving the status of a semiprofessional poker player...meaning poker paid for everything, he just couldn't afford nice things.

Eventually, his love of entertaining and need of a steady paycheck brought him here to NAIT's Radio program. It was here that he finally got tired of people mispronouncing his name and officially took on the name Fizzy.

Since then Fizzy has spent time working in radio in Northern Alberta and at home in Edmonton before joining Wayne’s Wake Up!


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