Wayne's Black Box

That is the question!

If you can figure out what's in the box you can win amazing prizes!

Listen each day for your chance to call in and ask us a YES or NO question!

Like...Is it round?

Or....Is it blue?

Each question will get you closer to figuring out what's in the box.

But make sure to listen to what other people ask to give you a better idea of what the item could be.

Chances to Call: 7:20am, 8:30am, and 12:30!


If you are the first person to correctly identify what's in the box; you will win $200 Boston Pizza Gift Card, a $250 Gas Card from Highway Service Petro Canada AND Waterpark passes for the West Edmonton Mall!!

Good luck in guessing what's in THE BLACK BOX!

Wayne's Black Box is brought to you by:

Boston Pizza

Highway Service Petro Canada

 Questions previously asked:

Is it red? Yes

Is it an octagon? No

Does it move? No

Is It Soft? No

Is it a Fire Hydrant? No

Is It a Fire Extinguisher? No

Is it a Shoe? No

Is One Person Able to Lift It? Yes

Is It a Clown Nose? No

Is It Money? No

Can You Wear it? No

Is It a Balloon? No

Is it Lego? No

Is It Food? Yes 

Can you Hold it in your hands? Yes

Is it an Apple? No

Does it Have Wheels? No

Is It Beer? No

Is it a Flower? No


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